About us....

Dogs in my house from "always" .My first dog was female mix-dog, her name it PERELKA.She live with me 15 years.
Really we in year 1992 could permit me on racial dog.He had then to be large and long-haired dog , the most willingly in bright colour.
We chose South Russian Ovtcharka - very beautiful dog, but difficult in education. The female DUNIA Bargest in October 1992 arrived to us.
She got the titles the Youth Champion of Poland as well as Polish Champion very quickly.

First coton - a female Kerry in Marz 2001 arrived to us from Prague (origin Finnish-Belgian), in Marz 2003 second female Tara (from France).
Decision about leaving more or less in the same time fell down me a male. And he became in house so first Kerrys son - Aldeeren
(in house "Bandzi").Our dogs live with us in house,they are the members of family.
I think, from they are with us happy.


Beata Lupinska
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